Will AI be “by and for” super-rich?

Onur Yuce Gun, PhD

UX Collective

Can a dark story carve itself out of a long tunnel into the light?

Imagine a world where you clock in only half your current hours, yet your income and access to resources remain intact.

Who wouldn’t want it?

The idea is simple —

With thoughtful planning and better distribution of wealth and resources, the work you’re no longer doing could be handled by AI.

But could this ever happen?

It probably will not happen.

Looking at the trajectory of technological advancements, we see a trend — they’ve often led to more significant divides in wealth distribution.

Yes, once again, in human history, the rich will be richer. You will put in the same work hours and become less prosperous. Ironically, on paper, you will be making more money —but that money won’t do as much for you!

AI will potentially speed up how wealth is generated and distributed. But potentially, we will see numbers [about pretty much anything] go up while generated values end up being ethereal and nebulous, reducing the true meaning of wealth— enter inflation devaluation.

The debate around AI is ever-growing and filled with contrasting perspectives; however, the most crucial point is that our voices are not in the mix!

Do not worry because statistically, no one’s voice is. The whole world is discussing AI, thinking we are a part of it.

We are not.

The dark truth is this: even the alternative and contrasting views are owned by the super-rich… And sure, it makes sense as they will be the decision-makers on what happens next.